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No such thing as overnight success

So many entrepreneurs and people in general believe that ‘overnight success’ exists and become frustrated when it does not happen to them. In the technology boom we are experiencing, we are encountering not only innovation growth, but also sky-rocking expectations....

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Getting an investment, Part 3

Getting an investment is a long and frustrating process. In the previous two articles we discussed various types of investment and what entrepreneurs need to prepare in order to get some. Assuming that you figured that out and you have your pitch deck ready, now is...

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Getting an investment, Part 2

In the previous article we discussed ‘What is the best funding type for your company?’ and now you have an answer, you have the opportunity to take the right action in order to get the desired investment. Yes, we need an innovative, world-changing, disruptive idea....

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Getting an investment, Part 1

Building your startup not only requires time and skills, you also need to have capital. Of course, this depends on the type of the business that you are starting. Service-based businesses usually do not require a big investment. On the other hand, startups building or...

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Is there a market for your idea?

The question that you will probably hear a thousand times from so many different people is: ‘Is there a market for your idea?’ Especially when it comes to the investors, as this one is their favorite! If you are new to entrepreneurship and if you haven’t tried selling...

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3 Steps to overcome rejection

It is indeed an exciting journey to become an entrepreneur. The moment when that one idea strikes, you feel like you have all the power in the world in your hands. The passion and the motivation are keeping the fire alive. You invest months of hard work and sleepless...

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