Learn more about what we do and how our team can help you!

Liatto is a digital marketing agency operating world wide. We help all types of companies to achieve their goals by providing wide range of services.

Our team can help you with web site development and design, branding, research, social media marketing, content marketing, sales funnels development, email marketing, landing pages creation and many more. 

We are happy, when our clients are happy!

Joanna Ata

My name is Joanna Ata and and I am the founder of Liatto. The reason to create my own digital marketing agency is really simple. I just enjoy seeing people faces when they achieve their goals, when they get their first customer or first lead.

I get inspired by my clients` passion and courage to follow their ideas and what they love to do. That is why I decided that I want to create something that I am good at and I enjoy!

I am always honest with my clients and I always try to make sure they get the best possible service. Those are also the core values of Liatto.


Hristo Markov

Hristo is a web graphic designer with over 7 years of experience. Over the years, he develop skills that combine business and design.

His expertise covers also coding, print design, photo manipulation.

He is so good that he has time to Netflix and chill.

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