Let’s say it. If your business is operating online you MUST use at least some type of analytical tool.

In the most cases this is Google Analytics. This tool is really, really powerful. And if you know where and what to look for, you can easily identify the holes in your funnel.

Today I would talk about the Bounce Rate…. or the % of users that visit a sigle page.
They don`t look around any other pages on your website.

If you have single page website, that is pretty normal 🙂 But in case you have a site full of content your should be worried.

Why? Why this happens to me?
Stop pulling your hair and think about your landing page.
1. Is your traffic relavant to your content?
2. Does your landing page connects with the other pages well enough?
3. Are you giving too much information on the landing page?

Try to answer these three questions. If you drive paid traffic from Google Ads, then you might need to look at your search terms.

I hope this short note was helpful.
P.S : If you need an advice about your stats, just send us a quick message.

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