Научете повече за това, което правим и как екипът ни може да ви помогне!

Liatto е дигитална маркетингова агенция, действаща в световен мащаб. Ние помагаме на всички видове компании да постигат целите си, като предоставят широк спектър от услуги. Нашият екип може да ви помогне с разработването и дизайна на уеб сайтове, маркетинга, научните изследвания, социалния медиен маркетинг, маркетинга на съдържанието, развитието на фуниите за продажби, електронния маркетинг, създаването на целевите страници и много други.

Joanna Ata

My name is Joanna Ata and and I am the founder of Liatto. The reason to create my own digital marketing agency is really simple. I just enjoy seeing people faces when they achieve their goals, when they get their first customer or first lead.

I get inspired by my clients` passion and courage to follow their ideas and what they love to do. That is why I decided that I want to create something that I am good at and I enjoy!

I am always honest with my clients and I always try to make sure they get the best possible service. Those are also the core values of Liatto.

Мари Бънкова

Mari has been awarded the National Geographic Best Travel Story Award for her pieces on Cambodia, Hong Kong and The Philippines.

She has been voted as one of the Top 50 female bloggers for 2016. Her works have been published in a variety of print and digital magazines and they cover topics from the travel industry, through the property market and the retail world.

Once she sang Cambodian karaoke in the public bus om the road to Siem Reap, but this is another story.

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